Optimisation, enhancement and improvement of the returns on property through the development of urban planning and management tools.

Thanks to the combination of the technical-planning and real estate know-how of our team, we have a noteworthy ability to detect opportunities for changes to planning.

Planning audit

We determine the real situation of the property and the necessary steps to be taken to reach the final planning milestone, in accordance with current legislation and the procedures set out by the Authorities.

  • Analysis of the physical condition of the property. Analysis of floor areas.
  • Legal verification of the property structure.
  • Analysis of the applicable planning regulations.
  • Analysis of the applicable planning regulations.

Master plan

We analyse the real estate development possibilities of land, setting out the feasible scenarios and the consequences in terms of procedures, management and returns.

  • Organisation and planning of the land development process.
  • Objective validation of the financial and planning feasibility of a real estate development process.
  • Antonio Pleguezuelo Lapuente
  • Manager
  • Planning

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