Consistent with the corporate philosophy of Aguirre Newman of “providing solutions to the clients´ needs even before they know them”, we have come up with a quarterly newsletter to complement our annual technical report. We have chosen RETAIL CHRONICLE for its name. We are going to feature retail trends, specific high streets, interviews and the like. We hope that this maiden issue will be helpful and interesting for all our existing and prospective clients as well as other professionals in the real estate sector.
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  • 2/28/2017
  • Beware, Low Cost is on the Rise!
  • Do you still associate French cuisine with fine dining? Still think of Cartier when you want to buy her that perfect bracelet? Or Louis Vuitton when you think of a flashy handbag?
  • By Joseph Estrellado Fabia
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  • 1/26/2017
  • Here are my retail wishes for 2017
  • It´s January, and with that, comes a New Year.
    As many of you have already made your New Year´s resolutions, I too have also written out my own. However, I would rather share my dreams and wishes for what I want to happen to the retail sector for 2017.
  • By Joseph Estrellado Fabia
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